ISBRA's mission is to promote excellence internationally in all aspects of biomedical research on alcoholism and alcohol related biomedical phenomena.
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Biomedical research on alcoholism has given rise to important advances in knowledge and treatment of alcoholism. Comparative and collaborative research at an international level has made, and will continue to make, important contributions to our understanding of alcoholism and improvements in therapies.

These developments led to the birth of the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism in 1981, bringing together researchers and their expertise from a number of national societies which are now affiliated to ISBRA.

Our message to ISBRA members is that this website represents a major initiative. Its purpose is to encourage and facilitate communication of ideas and new research among workers in the many convergent disciplines in our common field of biomedical research on alcoholism. From this perspective, it is your website. Therefore, its usefulness and success in fulfilling these ideals rests with you. We look forward to your participation.

To clinicians and scientists working in the field, but who are not yet members of ISBRA, we invite you to consider joining our Society. We are certain that you will find this a rewarding step in your professional life. Details are available on the membership page.

Take a tour using the navigation buttons on the left of this page to view the information and activities covered by the site. We strongly encourage feedback; please send us your comments and suggestions for improvements.

News and Events

ISBRA Communication Committee Bulletin Vol. 1 (2019) Issue 2

We are excited to present the second ISBRA Communications Committee: Bulletin Vol. 1 (2019) Issue 2 to aid in contributing to the advancement of alcohol research globally.  Read More…

Bulletin of the Communications Committee July – August 2019 Inaugural issue

New Communications Committee: The International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA) has created a new Communications Committee in 2019. This Communications Committee will provide the latest news and updates on ongoing research, insights from recent publications, funding and job opportunities. The new Communications Committee will also establish a presence in various media platforms to facilitate engagement in information dissemination, dialogue and interaction for the scientific community in alcohol research. The Communications Committee will also publish this Bulletin periodically to address the same issues comprehensively. The Communications Committee welcomes the ideas and engagement of ISBRA members in this new initiative. Lastly, the Communications Committee thanks the ISBRA Board of Directors and all members for their kind support. We hope to enhance ISBRA’s presence through social media and outreach.  Read More…

Announcing the RSA/ISBRA Joint Program Committee and General Timeline

43rd Annual RSA Scientific Meeting and ISBRA Congress: June 20-24, 2020, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Announcing the RSA/ISBRA Joint Program Committee: Terrence Deak - Biological / Preclinical Chair - Binghamton Univ, Behav Neuroscience, Dept of Psychology, USA. Amy Lasek - Biological / Preclinical Chair - Univ of Illinois at Chicago, Dept of Psychiatry, USA. Christian Hendershot - Psychosocial / Medical / Clinical Chair - Univ of Toronto, Dept. of Psychology, CANADA.   Read More…
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