ISBRA Board (2018-2022)

Executive Members

  • President
    Tamara Phillips, USA
  • Immediate Past President
    Rainer Spanagel, Germany
  • Past President
    Susumu Higuchi, Japan
  • Past President
    Edward Riley, USA
  • Past President
    Karl Mann, Germany
  • Senior Vice President
    Rosana Camarini, Brazil
  • Junior Vice President
    Sung-Gon Kim, South Korea
  • Secretary
    Jennifer Thomas, USA
  • Treasurer
    Paula Hoffman (Ex Officio), USA

Board Members

  • Ina Bergheim, Germany
  • Rosana Camarini, Brazil
  • Kenichi Ikejima, Japan
  • Sun-Gon Kim, South Korea
  • Andrew Lawrence, Australia
  • Ricardo Pautassi, Argentina
  • Tamara Phillips, USA
  • Marisa Roberto, Italy
  • Helmut Seitz, Germany
  • Rainer Spanagel, Germany
  • Jennifer Thomas, USA
  • Katie Witkiewitz, USA


  • Education
    Chair: Marisa Roberto, USA
  • Executive
    Chair: Tamara Phillips, President, USA
  • Finance
    Chair: Helmut Seitz, Germany
  • Liaison
    Chair: Susumu Higuchi (Ex Officio), Japan
  • Local Organizing
    Chair: To Be Determined,
  • Membership
    Chair: Katie Witkiewitz, USA
  • Publications
    Chair: Andrew Lawrence, Australia
  • Board Nomination
    Chair: To Be Determined in 2020,

ISBRA Office

To serve the ISBRA membership which is spread world-wide, there is a Central Office, located in Denver, Colorado, USA. The Office manager is Michelyn Lintz. For inquiries regarding membership, subscriptions, scientific meetings and other ISBRA activities please contact her at the ISBRA Office:

PO Box 202332, Denver, CO 80220-8332, USA